Quiz Information

Quizzes will be held every Tuesday unless otherwise announced. Exact content of the quizzes will be made known through the practice quizzes, which will mirror the exact content and structure of the actual quiz except with different variants.

Quiz # Expected date Topic Notes
0 1/26/2021 Spatial Ability Test Extra Credit
1 2/2/2021 Boolean Functions & Number Representations  
2 2/9/2021 Verilog and Modular Design Verilog Coding
3 2/16/2021 State Draw a Finite State Machine
4 2/23/2021 Basic MIPS MIPS Coding
5 3/2/2021 Verilog MIPS datapath Verilog Coding
6 3/9/2021 MIPS Programming MIPS Coding
7 3/16/2021 MIPS Functions, Pointers, IO, & Performance MIPS Coding
8 3/23/2021 Recursion MIPS Coding
9 4/6/2021 Pipelines  
10 4/21/20201 Caches I  
11 4/28/2021 Caches II C Coding
Final 5/13/2021 Comprehensive  

All quizzes will be taken at home on any computer that can access PrairieLearn. You are allowed to use any resources to complete your quizzes, except other people (e.g., no texting, no calling, no forums, no posting on stackoverflow, and no receiving answers from classmates) and any compiler or script that we do not explicitly permit (e.g., No Python or Javascript. No compiling of C code either on your personal computer or online).

For all quizzes you will need access to PrairieLearn.

For most quizzes, it is recommended that you have 1) a basic calculator such as the pre-installed one on your computer, 2) access to a text editor to write your code, 3) the ability to download a file, unzip that file, and upload your solution and 4) access to QTSpim and iVerilog if you want to use them to debug your code, and 5) a blank sheet of paper that you can use for scratch work (MIPS green sheet will be available through PrairieLearn).

If you have accommodations identified by the Division of Rehabilitation-Education Services (DRES) for quizzes/exams, please notify us before the first quiz so that we can provide your accomodation. Please send Prof. Herman your Letter of Accomodation (LOA) and fill out our DRES accommodation form.

You will have 60 minutes to complete each quiz and we expect most students will complete each quiz in less than 30 minutes. You will have a 24-hour window (6:00am first day to 6:00am next day) during which to complete your quiz. Your quiz will close after 60 minutes or at the end of the exam window, whichever comes first. For example, if the exam window ends at 6am and you start your exam at 5:50am, you will have only 10 minutes to complete your quiz.

Examples of all quizzes are available on the CS 233 PrairieLearn. (Quiz structure is subject to change as we adjust to this new format.)

Final Exam

We are awaiting scheduling information for the final exam. We expect that the final exam will be available to all students starting with Reading Day and will remain available until our scheduled Final Exam time.