Computer Architecture FA 2021

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Office Hours

Join the office hours queue at Queue@Illinois Conceptual office hours are on Zoom. For lab office hours, join the office hours queue with the Zoom room you are in and we will come to you.

Registration FAQ

CS 233 moves fast! All class material is available to all students (even unregistered students) immediately. We cannot accommodate missed deadlines for students who register late, because you can access all course materials and can submit everything on time.

In case you are not already registered or have any questions regarding your registration status, please check here first: Registration FAQ.

Accommodations for Disabilities and Mental/Emotional Health

Our hope is that every student can succeed and thrive in the course. We will gladly support any accommodations we can in accordance with campus policy (for more info). We understand that college and life in general can become super stressful for every student (We’re no exception!). We’re aware that it can be embarrassing or difficult at times to request needed accommodations. Please know that we want to help and that we sincerely invite you to request any support you need, even if you do not yet have a DRES accommodation letter. The best accommodations are ones that we know about in a timely manner. Our experience is that delayed requests only create more stress and anxiety for you. To best help you, we have a policy that you must request accommodations for non-extenuating circumstance before due date of an assignment. Our intention behind this policy is to encourage you to come talk to us early and often. We want you to succeed and thrive!

If you have an accommodation for taking quizzes, please fill out this form in addition to sending your DRES accommodation to Prof. Herman.